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My Predictions for 2017

In January of 2016 I made several predictions for the then-nascent year.  Predictions were made for new markets such as wireless charging,...

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Facts Say About An Account from a Scientist: he saved the world’s 15% energy consumption prior. Now, he discovers silicon’s replacement material

This scientist got his Ph.D 40 years ago who saved the world’s 15% energy consumption at one time. He is continuing his journey of...

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Fact: GaN technology a more efficient semiconductor than silicon for the Data Center power conversion process.

Over the past few decades, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) have largely been the staple source for power...

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Apple and Self-Driving Cars

Three autonomous vehicle business models have emerged; Tesla wants to sell more cars, Uber wants to eliminate costly drivers, and Waymo...

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This Wireless Desktop Could Foreshadow Our Future Without Cords

Wireless charging promises a cord-free future, one that offers freedom from being tethered to the end of a charging cable. One company...

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