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Alex Lidow talks to Leo Laporte from TWiT about Gallium Nitride


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Driving GaN Into The Fast Lane


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Ask EPC’s chief executive, Alex Lidow, what the future holds for his GaN power device business, and automotive certification features prominently.

Recently delivering AEC Q101-qualified 80 V discrete transistors for LiDAR, 48V power distribution systems and other applications, the company’s latest enhancement-mode FETs deliver higher switching frequencies and efficiencies than silicon MOSFETs, in a smaller footprint. And this is just the beginning.

“We have more transistors as well as integrated circuits designed for LiDAR [sensors] and are proceeding with automotive certification here,” highlights Lidow. “LiDAR is under intense cost and performance pressure so integrating components and improving performance while lowering the cost is a big deal.”

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Alex Lidow, Founder and CEO, EPC



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