GaN Transistors and ICs for 48 – 12 V Bi-Directional Converters for Mild Hybrid Vehicles


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March 8, 2022 – March 10, 2022
EE|Times – Advanced Automotive Tech Forum
Location: Virtual Conference

GaN Transistors and ICs for 48 – 12 V Bi-Directional Converters for Mild Hybrid Vehicles

Speaker: Alex Lidow, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of Efficient Power Conversion

Recent advances in automotive powertrain technology have accelerated the use of a dual 48 V/12 V bus architecture in mild hybrid vehicles, which can provide an 8-15% fuel consumption reduction. The availability of a 48 V bus also enables support of heavier loads like air-conditioning, faster heating of cabin, and faster, smoother starting with the use of 48 V Li-ion batteries. GaN-on-Si power devices are the best-suited semiconductors for this application as will be shown in this talk.

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AirFuel Alliance – Charging is Changing


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Los Angeles, CA –

EPC CEO, Alex Lidow presenting at a recent AirFuel Members meeting.


wireless power

EPC CEO Alex Lidow and AirFuel CEO Sanjay Gupta

Magnetic resonance technology is the key to ubiquitous implementation – enabling large surface area transmission, spatial freedom for placement of receiving devices, and the ability to power multiple devices simultaneously.

The popularity of highly resonant wireless power transfer is increasing rapidly, particularly for applications targeting large power transmitting surface areas, with the capability to place receiving devices anywhere on the surface, and the ability to simultaneously power (or charge) multiple devices placed on the surface. The end applications are varied and evolving quickly from cell phone charging to powering handheld tablets and laptop computers.  Delivering up to 33 W supports all of these applications.

At the members meeting attendees learned about next-generation wireless power technology – including current and near-future deployments – and heard from leaders such as Alex Lidow from the semiconductor space as well as consumer electronics, robotics, AR/VR, and healthcare industries, to name a few.

AirFuel Alliance’s mission is to bring a diverse base of interoperable products to the global market that deliver the best wireless charging experience for consumers. The organization membership is made up of leading technology and consumer electronics companies. Its board of directors includes representatives from Dell, Duracell, Energous, EPC, ONSemiconductor, PowerSphyr, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Starbucks and WiTricity.

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IEEE Electron Devices Society Webinar – “GaN Devices and Applications” Presented by: Dr. Alexander Lidow


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GaN devices and Applications Abstract

GaN Transistors – Giving New Life to Moore’s Law

Enhancement-mode gallium nitride transistors have been commercially available for over eight years and have infiltrated many applications previously monopolized by the aging silicon power MOSFET.  In this presentation, we will discuss the state-of-the-art and the expected progress of GaN technology over the next few years, showing that Moore’s Law is alive and well in the world of power semiconductor technology.  We will also enumerate the advantages of GaN over silicon in terms of performance, cost, and reliability. |

Moore's Law



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Alex Lidow – Featured Guest on Cheddar TV


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The New “Silicon” of Silicon Valley on Cheddar

EPC CEO & Co-Founder, Alex Lidow was a featured guest on Cheddar TV sharing how GaN technology is enabling new and disruptive technologies, such as LiDAR for self-driving cars and power conversion transistors and ICs for large surface-area wireless power and medtech.

Cheddar TV

EPC CEO, Alex Lidow talks how GaN is changing the way we live with Cheddar TV

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Dell Latitude 7285 – The World’s First Laptop With Wireless Charging


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Dell Latitude 7285

GaN power element technology has found its way into a major application in the industry with the release of the Dell Latitude computer using the AirFuel standard.

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